AeroSynth®  Electronic Wind Instruments

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What is an AeroSynth®?

AeroSynth® is an "electronic wind instrument" or "EWI".   It's one of the most expressive and easiest to play musical instruments ever created.  A delicious mix of the organic and synthetic.

Simple to use. You simply turn it on and start playing.  No other equipment is required.  The harder you blow, the louder it gets.  Notes are selected with touch sensitive pads and are reproduced with perfect clarity and pitch.  Easy Peasy.

(Hopefully, you've seen one or more of the videos on this website.  That's probably the best way to grok AeroSynth®)

AeroSynth® is completely portable and contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a built-in speaker.  Plus it only weighs 11 oz (300 grams).

AeroSynth® can mimic any wind, string, percussion, or electronic keyboard instrument.  It's a professional grade instrument with BlueTooth connectivity and configurable fingering. Great for beginners and professionals.

AeroSynth® is easy on the body, mouth, lips, fingers, and lungs.  So easy and relaxing, you can play it for hours without bothering others (using earbuds).  Great way to improve your chops (i.e. playing ability).

The AeroSynth® Professional comes in several wooden cases.  The picture shows instruments made with renewable walnut and maple with several finish options.

The AeroSynth® Windy is a lower cost version for students, music educators, and general consumers.  Housed in plastic, it retains most of the features of the Professional model including the advanced wave-table synthesizer, BlueTooth connectivity, rechargable battery, and built-in speaker.  
Availability and Price
(subject to change)

AeroSynth® products are in final stage development and should be available soon.

The AeroSynth® Professional version price has a suggested retail price of between $500 and $700.

The AeroSynth® Windy version has a suggested retail price at under $200 

Here are Some More Details
(Subject to Change)

AeroSynth® is a New Generation Electronic Wind Instrument

AeroSynth® is an advanced integrated electronic wind instrument. It weighs under 11 ounces (300 grams) and is about the size of an alto recorder. Users can play it without an external personal computer or amplifier. This new instrument features advanced wavetable sound synthesis technology, a precision breath sensor, user-defined touch fingering,
6-axis motion sensing, real time effects, and a built-in acoustic suspension speaker. The Professional version includes 24-bit multi-voice stereo output, 6+ octave range, 2 axis force-feedback thumb controller, up to 32 megabytes of internal storage, and a legacy MIDI interface.

All models of AeroSynth® use disposable mouthpieces which effectively removes the sanitation issues associated with wind instruments. The combination of advanced sensors and features provides an unprecedented level of expressiveness and playability.

Advanced Connectivity

AeroSynth® incorporates a low-latency BLE (BlueTooth Low Energy) radio that connects to smart phones and tablets to enhance the user experience. An available app running on an iOS or Android device can control settings and receive streamed wireless MIDI data. In addition, there is a USB port that connects to a PC for fast downloads of wave-table audio and firmware upgrades. The USB port recharges the internal Li-Ion battery to provide many hours of continuous operation. Headphone/audio/line-out jacks support headphones/earbuds or external amplifiers and effects processors.

Software Configurable and Upgradable

Both the Professional and Windy models allow users to upgrade their firmware and instrument sounds via USB, MIDI, or wireless BLE. Open source software such as Swami, PolyPhone, or Viena can be used to create downloadable wavetable patches.

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