AeroSynth®  Electronic Wind Instruments

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Demo Videos

Hi Friends!

Videos have arrived!  There are two sections to this page.

The first section has short clips of me playing different instrument patches.

The second section is a 7-part series on the some of the features of the AeroSynth. 

Enjoy!  Feel free to send feedback.  


Instrument Patch Demos

These showcase some of the possible sounds you can create with AeroSynth®
Improvisations performed by a non-professional musician.

For these demos, the audio output is directly connected to the camera audio input.  So crank up the volume!
The background hiss is due to the recording equipment and not from the AeroSynth®.  

(If you have trouble viewing them, visit the AeroSynth Playlist on YouTube.  A link is provided in the footer.)

Bassoon Demo.
Improvisation of "The Funeral March of the Marionettes" by Gounod. 
Fret-less Bass Guitar Demo
Synthesized Clarinet Demo.
Uses a single-cycle synthetic clarinet waveform.
Inspired by Prokoviev's cat.
Harmonica Demo.
An improvisation of Gershwin's Summertime.  Rapid breath pulses are used to add some realism.
Synthesized Strings. 
Both fast and slow attack are controlled by breath.
Flute Demo.
An improvisation from Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky.
Oboe Demo.
An improvisation of an Edvard Grieg Norwegian Dance
Pan Flute Demo.
Inspired by a Hobbit.
Actually a "saw-tooth" Analog Example.
(Technically, a saw-tooth is a triange)
Inspired by "The Doctor" and Darude.

Tenor Saxophone Demo.
An inprovisation of Moondance.
Analog sine-wave and Theremin Demo.
Uses vibrato, portamento, and lots of echo. 
Inspired by "The Doctor."
A Slide-Trombone Demo
  Uses portamento, tonguing, and vibrato.
Music to drink by.
Jazz Trumpet Demo. 
Tremelo tongue flutter is used on high notes.
Tuba Demo. 
So much sound from such a tiny instrument.

Violin or Fiddle Demo.
An improvisation of Ashokan Farewell.
Vibrato and breath add a level of realism not easily achieved with a keyboard synth.

Product Videos in Seven Parts

These videos are not slickly produced.  There are production glitches, typos, and general stumbling about.
It's just an honest and straight-to-the-point explanation of just some of the marvelous features of AeroSynth®.

No actors were harmed in the filming of these videos.

Part 1:  An Introduction

A brief overview of the AeroSynth® features.  All sound is played out of the internal speaker and is recorded by the internal cam-corder microphone. 

For better examples of AeroSynth® sound quality, please view the videos in the "Instrument Patch Demos" section.
Part 2:  The Breath Sensor

The breath sensor is a key component of AeroSynth®. It controls the loudness and rhythm of the sound you want to play. The basic idea is simple--the harder you blow, the louder it gets.

Part 3:  The Keys

The keys select the note you want to play.

The keys are touch sensitive, quiet, and robust.

The fingering chart is completely configurable. Right now, I have it set up as a cross between an oboe, recorder, and my own preferences.

Part 4:  Vibrato

Vibrato is a small variation of pitch. It is used to embellish musical notes and to vary your playing style.

There are several ways AeroSynth® can do vibrato.  This video shows you how.

Part 5:  Pitch Bend and Portamento

AeroSynth® lets you “bend” notes up or down. The bend range is typically a semitone, but this can be adjusted.

Portamento is a slide from one note to another. This is accomplished by using a control key to enable it.
Part 6:  Connectivity

AeroSynth® is the only instrument of it's kind with advanced connectivity features. For audio, there is an available 1/4” line out jack and a 1/8” headphone/earbud jack. The digital interface includes standard MIDI, USB, and wireless Bluetooth.

Part 7:  The Sound Synthesizer

AeroSynth® is a fully self-contained musical instrument. In addition to it's powerful MIDI controller capabilities, it has an advanced polyphonic wave-table synthesizer with up to 24-bit digital stereo audio.

It comes with a suite of instrument sounds.  And you can create your own.